mandag 15. april 2013


The weather got stuck on this idea of rain and fog... You know, not freezing cold, but not warm either... just wet, cold and dark.  I do not approve. 
Oh well, cold rainy days at least equals nice warm tea in my book.  :) 

And talking about tea...

Ain't it cute?  My own personal little tea house!  :)  It cost 39 NOK at Åhlens, so there was just no way I could leave without it.

 Link to Åhlens Tea House  //Here

Time to snuggle up with some green tea, a warm blanket and my latest knitting project - which by the way is still that "test-sweater" I was supposed to finish up so quickly!

Ha ha ha, it's taking forever!   There's been a lot of stuff going on lately, so not a lot of knitting or blogging as I'm sure you've noticed. 

Organic Green Tea... the making

While spending a well deserved lazy evening on the sofa with my my tea and knits, I'll be watching  Beyoncès' - Life is but a Dream

Have you seen it?   I just so totally admire this woman - what a business lady. Hope it's going to be an interesting and inspiring hour and a half.

Alright, tea is ready, and miss B is waiting!
I'll be blogging again soon, with some more Californian goodness - Promise! ;)


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