søndag 5. mai 2013


So, my day today started off rather bleak.  Since just having a bit of tooth ache is peanuts, I added some food poisoning on top.  If it weren't for the fact that I was feeling so horrible, I'd be laughing...

Thankfully it was not a really bad case of food poisoning, but enough to really knock me flat for a day or two. 
I actually went to work out before I knew what was going on, and let's just say that my PT was getting worried and grabbing me as I was dizzy and stumbling all over the place.  In my defense I had no idea what was going on at the time, but it got worse - fast - so I was glad I made in home quickly.

Today I was still feeling a bit week and dizzy, but a lot better then the day before, so I made my way back to the gym!  (Stubborn, me? Never.)

Picture of myself coming from work out today - not exactly the most amazing one for the challenge!

It went pretty good, all things considered, minus a small insident with me dropping a 12 kg dumbbell on my self when my arms suddenly just gave in.  Ouch.  Just a bruised hip bone, nothing serious. ;)

I even managed to pull of some descent chest press while I was there.  I did not get all dizzy and topple over!  Definitely getting better :)

A while later I decided it was time to pull myself together, go out for some socializing  and enjoying the wonderful spring weather!

Enjoying the sun with my dark trusty Marciano glasses - perfect for headache caused by darn tooth!
Cap - self knitted / Glasses Guess by Marciano / Leather Jacket Kappahl / Boots Steve Madden / Jeggings Garage

Love the jacket, and still amazed that I found it at Kappahl!

Final Picture for Today's Challenge!

There, finally a presentable picture!  Me and the camera were really not getting a long today.  I was about as photogenic as ...something not very photogenic, but in the end - success!  Or what do you think?

Hope you're having a great Sunday evening, and an even better start to the week tomorrow.  :)

Nighty night!

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