lørdag 4. mai 2013


After all the moving I've been doing over the last few years, my poor jewelery has been in a rather messy state.

I needed to change the way I was storing it after we got Cloud and Tifa.  I could no longer use jewelery trees for some reason, unless I wanted to have a cat or two dangling from it... 

...can't you easily imagine a cat hanging in that tree?

Hooks on the wall was also suddenly no longer an option for the same reason.  It all got hidden away and moved from country to country, apartment to apartment.

Now that we're finally staying in one place for a while, hopefully for more then a year this time *crossing fingers*, it would be nice to find a more permanent and cat friendly way of displaying it all.

I really have no clue at the moment on what works with playful cats in the house, so if you have any ideas or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Alright, enough chat, it's time for some bling!
I made a little selection of some of my favorite pieces in both gold and silver.  Top and center we have a little summer feeling, followed by black and silver, and finished off with a little gold.

Triple layers of love

Favorites from the Black and Silver selection

Favorites from the Gold and Rose selection - MK Runway watch being the absolute favorite of all.

At the bottom is the Guess ring covered in fake fur - totally weird, big and chunky - Gotta Love it!

Have a great Saturday Night guys and gals!

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