torsdag 9. mai 2013


On top of my wishlist you will find...

1 - ♥ Good health and long, wonderful lives to all family (including Cloud & Tifa of course) and friends!  A definite number 1.  :)

 2 - ♥ A House!

Now... I have to say that I think the house of "Tony Stark" in Marvels "Iron Man" would be on top of my list... if it had all the gadgets of course - the garage with cars, robotic arm / house keeper and Jarvis - the gadgets being the most important things here.  Amazing architecture and view on a cliff in Malibu coming in on a close second. *ahem*

Can't you just picture me on the balcony there?  I'd fit right in, I'm sure of it  ;)

Ok, so maybe not.  In this reality I think I'll wish for something a bit more modest and "only" go for one of these beauties?  We can only hope ♥


3 - ♥ A strong and healthy body! Without a doubt high up on the list!

4 - ♥ An insane shopping spree in an Michael Kors store. Yes, still my favorite designer :)

5 - ♥ And last but not least, something I know we all want: Summer, beach, sun, and good company!


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