torsdag 9. mai 2013


I was reading my blogs as usual, and Tifa figured she'd join in today.   She was suddenly getting very interested in the screen...

Me thinking that it was just the movement on the screen she was intrigued by started scrolling and moving the mouse pointer around...

But Tifa didn't seem to thrilled about that and looked up at me.  Hm, Ok, hang on...

After a bit back and forth I scrolled back down to the picture of the cat I had on the screen earlier. 

Now that was more like it!

There she was, looking straight at it.  Ha ha ha!  Mr charmer on the monitor was apparently a bit interesting?

When I scrolled away again, she lost interest.  Coincidence or not, it sure was funny, and Tifa was as always super cute!

Big hugs from the star of the show - little miss Tifa!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tihi, så utrolig søtt :) Hun er nydelig <3

    1. Hi hi, ja ikke sant? :) Lille godjenten min, hun er vittig. ♥