mandag 13. mai 2013


My room would have to be my little office corner.  It's filled with make-up, nail polish, yarn, knitting supplies, gadgets, books - you name it.

Unfortunately not the best pictures, with poor lighting taken with my phone, but oh well.  Today they'll have to do.  :)

I love my desk and bookshelf - both Liatorp from Ikea.  Not to mention my chair and awesome office lamp, which are also from Ikea.  :)

Michael Kors key chain and notebook is always around

Bergen calender is a must, accompanied by cards from loved ones and a little kitty from China Town in San Francisco.

♥ Tifa ♥

And of course, my trusty office helper, Tifa, is always around. 

It's for some reason only Tifa that insists on hanging around my desk.  Cloud likes his privacy and withdraws to his private chambers for his beauty sleep.  ;)

Have a good one guys and gals!

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