mandag 13. mai 2013


So, still in San Francisco, it was time to head out to the Golden Gate Bridge!

We decided to jump on one of the many tour buses that travel all across the city as it seemed like a great idea at the time.

They're easy to find, and you can jump on and off at different locations - stop and stay a few hours at one destination, before jumping back on again and traveling onwards to the next location. They are practical in the sense that they always go full circle, and you can hop off where you started when you're done for the day.

Wonderful idea right?  And in weather like on the picture below, I'm sure it would have been absolutely wonderful...

But this is what it looked like on our bus!  It was pouring!  Below we were waiting at a traffic light at Fishermans Wharf, around Pier 39.

Thankfully, there happened to be shelter over our heads at the front of the bus, so we all ran to safety!

It was leaking...


...and rusty...

...but after finding out where the water didn't drip directly on to the seat, it all worked out pretty good in the end, and it was definitely quite the experience!

After a ride through the city, we reached our destination, and the weather cleared.

It must have stopped raining only a minute or two before we could see the bridge, and of course all of us with cameras rushed to the back of the bus, ready to start snapping away.



I was having loads of fun, taking tons of pictures!  Here are some pictures of the the photographer, miss happy camper, clicking away.

The rain wasn't far away however - it sure looked like Alcatraz was getting quite the shower out there in the middle of the bay.

Downtown San Francisco was drowning in grey clouds - not exactly the best weather to be out and about exploring.

Lucky shot of one of the locals.

There were plenty of birds everywhere, and they seemed to like the attention - definitely not too shy to be doing some posing for us.

We were lucky with the weather in the end, even though it seemed rather dark when we started out.  Good times!

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