onsdag 29. mai 2013


I've been slacking off on the 30 Day Challenge lately, I know, so it's time to pick it back up!

The content of my purse, more or less, is not all that exciting to be honest.  Alright, but a challenge is a challenge, so here we go!

 These are the things that are always coming with me in my trusty everyday MK Tote:

♥ Guess Sunglasses / and or computer glasses

♥ Keys, with my MK key chain

♥ Card Holder

♥ Notebook & pen

♥ Nail file - one that goes through security at the airport of course

♥ Versace - mini perfume - always good to have handy and great for airport security

♥ Eos hand lotion - perfect for travel and airport security

♥ Eos lip balm - one of the best lip balms ever, and great for traveling

♥ Nars lipstick - Cruising - the perfect neutral color to just add that little extra

♥ Glo Minerals - Pressed base - mirror and powder for quick touch-ups whenever needed

♥ Hair pins - you can never have to many hair pins around

♥ Earrings - I always carry around a few pairs, as well as other accessories - you never know when you might need that little extra bling!

As you can see, my purse is prepped for traveling.  It makes it so easy when I need to run to catch a flight - all the basics are already in place - practical!

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