torsdag 30. mai 2013


After preparing the pots for plants, crawling around outside starting the full clean-up of the balcony, a bit late yes I know, my back was feeling a bit iffy....

The day after I headed over to the gym where I pulled a 2 hour session, as I was high on sugar after having some YT products, and my back suddenly just snapped!

I was being careful about form, and all was good, but when sitting leaned backwards doing some leg extensions, I just couldn't get back up.  I couldn't move and had a terrible shooting pain in my lower back.

After a short while I managed to wriggle out of the chair, and the pain subsided.   Just proves how careful you have to be.  I've been working on my form with my PT, and I should be executing all exercises technically correct - no bent back anywhere.

For the next week I'll be on painkillers and using ice several times per day - and stay far far faar away from dead-lifts and rowing exercises.

I was so disappointed that I didn't get to do dead-lifts yesterday, but doing that would have been crazy - I have problems leaning over to put my shoes on...

Made myself a little graphic for the occasion  :) 

Time to let the back rest, and let the legs, chest and arms do the work... at least for a week or so, but today will be work-out free. 

Alight, I think it's time for me to go and put some more ice on this complaining thing.  ;)
Hope you're having a great Thursday!

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