fredag 24. mai 2013


Amazing how time flies - it's already one week ago today that I was in Bergen with my family celebrating the Norwegian national holiday - The 17th of May.

Well, I promised you pictures, so here are some of the shots I took during the parade in the city center. 


My cousin wearing her 17th of May Ribbon - so pretty! S, your hair looks almost red on this pic!  :P

♥ Buekorps ♥

♥Statsraad Lehmkuhl♥ - I wish her sails were up!

♥ Buekorps ♥

 Buekorps, on their way to join the parade

The parade, along the pier.

Even the police are wearing their ribbon and flag for the occasion!
Not often you see guys fencing while walking down the street in the city center!

There are even cheerleaders here now - relatively new to Norway if I'm not mistaken?

...this picture speaks for itself I believe.  :)

Who says you can't ski without snow?

These little groovy hip hoppers totally rocked the street.

And then there was the red wave of the Russ to finish the parade off, as always.

...and then, luckily, some more Buekorps ;)

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