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In 1993, when the TV series "The X-Files" aired, I got my nickname; Scully.  This was something that I was going to have buzzing around me for years, even today, the name still sticks.

Time for a trip down good old "Memory Lane".

I used to be annoyed that people yelled Scully after me, frustrated simply for the silly reason that I was never able to see the similarity. 

Now that I think about it I really think it was one of the greatest compliments I could ever get, but ironically I just didn't see it as one since I didn't see the resemblance. 
Here people were saying that I looked like one of my all time heroes; the strong, independent, intelligent and beautiful FBI agent on international TV! 
(Yes, she's still my hero today, in case you were wondering - gotta love Scully, and yes I was a huge X-Files fan back in the days.) 
It was a bit much at times - everyone, including strangers, at times called me Scully - even my parents called me Scully!  Ha ha ha, funny to think about it now.

Ok, so for comparison... I've gone as far back as I have pictures in my archive at the moment, and lined them up from left to right.  It's kinda funny to see how much I've changed over the years.  Here some old shots.

I still, in all honesty, cannot see the resemblance with the exception of the hair color, which I started to lighten as the years passed.  When I was younger the haircut was a huge factor as it was rather similar. 

It has to be the hair.  Right?

Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully in the TV-series The X-Files

 Now here comes the funny part. 

I was at Majorstuen in Oslo where I popped by Wayne's Coffee.  I was waiting in line for them to take my order, waiting politely for the guys on my right to finish. 

As I'm standing there I'm noticing that one of them is staring at me, and I pretend not to notice.  A few seconds later he actually touches my arm to get my attention and says; 

"Sorry, but... has anyone told you that you look like Gillian Anderson, you know Dana Scully?"

My jaw just dropped.  I was so not expecting that as it has been ages since random strangers has said anything.  I just tried to close my mouth, smiled politely and mumbled something about "having heard that before at some point".

This happened just a few weeks ago.

A few months ago we had some guests over after spending the day out skiing, sitting in the sofa and relaxing.  We were going through movies, trying to figure out what to watch. 

Oddly enough we ended up with the old X-Files movie "Fight the Future" from 1998, since it happened to be one of the few our guests hadn't seen.  And there we go again:  "Oh, by the way, you kinda look like Scully!"  And at that point my mind was just so far else where that I think I just blurted out something.

Ha ha ha, the chock on my face must have been hilarious.  At that point I hadn't heard the nickname Scully for a few years.  My husband just burst out laughing.

It has been popping up here and there over the last 10 years, but these days it's rare.  She has changed, and so have I, looking like her or not.  :)
My mother insists that we both changed but in the same way, so that we still look very similar.  I honestly still can't see it.

The only thing I can say is that we apparently both felt like going blond.  ;)

These days Gillian Anderson, is in a new TV series that I just can't wait to watch.  She's just such a wonderful actress, and I just love her.  It's a thriller drama called "The Fall", and I think it looks quite interesting. 

Gillian Anderson - still my hero

There are a few others that have been mentioned as well, but not even close to as often as Gillian.  I mean, Scully was a daily thing for many years... nobody else even comes close.

But, if I am to mention any others, the second on the list is Nicole Kidman.


Again it just has to be a hair thing!  No?

And the last one that I've only gotten a few times so far is Sarah Jessica Parker!  Really??  This has only been over the last three years or so.  But, really?  I look like SJP?

Oh well, I have no clue to be honest.  I guess it's just one of those things you don't see yourself.

But really, I am curious, what do you think?  Do you think I really look like any of these ladies?
Now I'm really curious...

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