onsdag 12. juni 2013


Thanks to my uncooperative back we were staying home at my birthday, but that doesn't mean that it didn't turn out pretty sweet in the end.  :)

I experimented with making my very own birthday cake! A layered pink rose cake!  I think I need some more practice before I'm putting out some more detailed pictures, he he he. ;)

Home made birthday cake, Oppidum - Ginja de Óbidos, beef with chocolate mousse cake for desert, and of course gifts and beautiful roses - a pretty good birthday if you ask me.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty pictures, and that cake looks amazing! Teehee, I'm glad the infamous knitting bag got featured - and I'm glad I got it for you early, since clearly I have some kind of mental block regarding your actual birthday!

    1. Thank you sweetie pie!
      Yup, of course, it just had to be - I loooove it daaaahling. Teehehe :)
      Meeh, don't worry about it, is all good.