fredag 7. juni 2013


Here in Norway it's time for another round with the competition for becoming the new model of 2013 for the company Specsavers!

Anyone in Norway can participate, you don't have to be a model or have any modelling experience!

For participating, all you need to do is go to Specsavers Facebook page, click like on their page, upload three images of yourself wearing glasses (not sunglasses but actual glasses), answer two quick questions, and that's that! You are in the competition!

You can vote on others whom you think should become the next Specsavers model, but you cannot vote for yourself.

The prize is as follows:
♥ You get to be ambassador for Specsavers’ charity work in Tanzania.
♥ A trip do the Scandinavian final in London, where the winner of the final receives a photo shoot with Helena Christensen as your photographer.


Helena Christensen also made her own collection for Specsavers.  Check it out in Vouge //HERE.

"Eclecticism one of her main qualities: Helena Christensen indeed is a top model, a photographer and a mother. For the eyewear brand Specsavers, of which she’s testimonial, she also became a designer: she indeed created a collection of glasses and of sunglasses that has been presented in Amsterdam last May 21st with a vip cocktail at the hotel The Grand.

The collection is named Selected by Helena Christensen, and it includes the 20 models of glasses that Christensen loves the most, and that perfectly suit her style. The models vary from the classical to the trendy ones, to the bright "eye-catcher" colours: “The glasses became an essential accessory, and they are at the center of the attention because of the dominant position they have on the person’s face. I have always been charmed by the creation of different styles with different glasses. They indeed show the personality’s nuances, and they can mirror the mood of the moment. This is the reason why they are a charming project for me, both as a model and as a photographer” the top model said.

And she added: “My collection Selected by Helena is various, and it allows everyone to choose a model that suits his/her style and personality”."

- -

To enter the Specsavers competition, go //HERE

I decided to enter as well, why not? :)  You can find my pictures //HERE!  So what do you think, do I have what it takes? 

Is there Specsavers in your country?  I'd love to see your pictures, so let me know if you enter!

Good luck!

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