onsdag 10. juli 2013


When I'm knitting, I'm almost always watching TV, a movie or R playing a console game - it kinda just belongs together, you know what I mean?

If I'm working on something very complicated, what's on can't be too interesting... if it is, I will for sure do tons of mistakes that I will only see the day after... which is to say the least, slightly annoying.

Back when I lived in the UK, I was listening to audio books every single day, as I was working on assignments, day in and day out.
Since it was creative and visual work on a pc, it was perfect to have the audio book running in the background.  My eyes were fully occupied with my work, so reading or watching something was out of the question, but my ears were... well, all ears if you will, so listening to audio books was perfect for the occasion.

Audio books seems like a perfect match with knitting too, as your hands and eyes are at least partially busy, but your ears are available for listening.
Penguin Books seems to have caught on to that as well, as they have made a new adorable ad that looks like this.

I just fell in love with this as soon as I saw it.  It just made me smile.
Wonderful way of making the idea of listening to audio books while knitting visualized through "knitted" text.  So cosy. :)

Are you going to try out audio books while knitting?

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