tirsdag 9. juli 2013


I haven't been able to go through the shots I took with my new Nikon just yet, but there were actually quite a few shots taken with my iPhone that turned out pretty OK that I'll share for now.  :)

The festival was really well put together, and apparently smaller then previous years - good thing for me that this was my first time going, so I was more then happy with the size and result this year.

A huge bonus this year on the other hand was their newly opened Viking Hall - it looked absolutely amazing.  Really well done, and thankfully fairly historically accurate.

Want more info on the Viking Festival at Borre?  Pop by their homepage //HERE.

Later, I'll show you my loot!  ;)   Alright, so enjoy the shots peeps!

Special Viking Edition of lame reflection Selfie!  ;)  Awesome (and really shiny) looking helmet though.

One of the many beautifully made costumes

Leather goods for sale

The hairiest shield I've ever seen...

Smithing - Viking style

The beautiful Viking Hall

Love the Urnes inspired entry

*FANFARE*   And it was time for epic viking battles (in 30 degrees C)

Taunting in progress

And then there was duelling!  Looked pretty good too actually - positively surprised to say the least.

Here is one of the Instagram videos I made while I was there.  Not very good quality I'm afraid, but you get the idea.  Kinda fun.  :)
If you want to se more pictures and videos by the way, you can check out my Instagram account over in the right field on the blog, or go directly //HERE.

When the epic battle was over, we decided to head homewards, but before we reached our car, we stumbled across the National Park in Borre.
Such a beautiful park, filled with large oak trees - one of the most beautiful things I know - old, large trees.

One of the many burial mounds

The largest oak was far away on a field outside the park - so beautiful 

When we came home I was basically jumped by a slightly offended Tifa, that decided that from there on out, I had no business going anywhere, thank you very much!  She basically sat on me for the rest of the day 

"Mommy ain't going nowhere!  Just sayin, no funny business, or else..." - Tifa

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  1. Aw man, that looks so cool! So jealous, I wish I could've been there! Next year, maybe? ;)

    1. Totally was :) and you totally should!
      Pretty sure we'll pop by again next year. Come visit and join us next time, I'm sure you'd love it sweetie :)