søndag 28. juli 2013


Vacation - a time for rest and relaxtion.... Then why am I still so tired? I feel completely exhausted.  Hope I'm back up on my feet soon. Right now, all I feel like doing is sleeping.

I have taken a lot of pics during the vacation, and I'm planning on sharing - soon!

We just got back from a lovely mini cruise to Danmark yesterday, and for some reson I just started feeling really tired and out of it on our way back home... Instead of staying up and enjoying the last evening of the cruise, I ended up going to bed at 9PM, and after that I've kinda stayed horizontal...

I'm counting on being back on my feet really really soon. But for now I'll stay here on the sofa with my iPad and the remote.  I even feel to tired for knitting, how strange is that?

Anywho, I'll be back in business befor you know it!

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