mandag 29. juli 2013


Here the other day, the weather was really depressing - cloudy and slightly chilly - so we decided to abandon ship and run away to Sweden!

...or rather, drive right over the border to Sweden for a little day trip.  ;)

The weather started changing as we drove towards the border, and not long after crossing it, the skies were blue and the sun warm - lovely.

We ended up in the town Strömstad, where we decided to spend the day - shopping, eating, and relaxing.  It was really a cute little town, perfect for a day trip in good weather.  There were outcroppings stretching out into the water right next to the city centre, where you could lay down and enjoy the sun and the sea.

I just have a thing for prawn crackers.  Love them.  Not particularly healthy, but hey it's only summer once a year right?

Along the water front there were small stalls, filled with all sorts of fun, and I just fell in love with this one.  "Toves' little knitting corner" --> you can see her hand made sign there over the pink and the purple sweater, with something I think is supposed to be two balls of yarn and some crossed knitting pins.

Now this has to be the height of fashion.... want one of these, in the colours of the Swedish flag, and with it's name on your butt?   This is some seriously classy stuff, ha ha ha :)  Who knows, maybe they're super comfy?
Hilarious, that's for sure.

The height of the visit for me had to be these bizarre but really extremely cute hippy style headpieces!  I, of course, had to try one on.

The city center was small, and easy to walk around being all touristy by foot.  I was of course doing some window shopping.

After walking around, having some ice cream and peeking at all the different stores and stalls, we headed off to the rocky seaside to just relax in the sun.

I love sitting and just looking at all the beautiful sail boats passing by.  Of course, the VM sweater came with me, so I got some knitting done as I was enjoying the view.

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  1. Hey, now we both have aviators! Love that last prawn cracker pic, it cracked me up. And I do hope you bought that awesomesauce hippie headpiece?!

    1. Aviators rock! :)
      Lol, no I didn't buy it, but I was wondering how to make one myself :P They were really cute! Silly, but cute! someone requesting one for Christmas? :P