torsdag 11. juli 2013


I've actually finished two whole projects since the last update - two little birthday gifts!  :)

One of them I left in for you in Bergen, Gwen, all folded and ready to be picked up whenever you want sweetie!

Folded and waiting for it's new owner in Bergen

The other sweater is here, waiting for you Kathrine-girl!   It feels so soft and lovely.  I think I might post a proper picture of this one at some point showing how it looks when worn.  ;)

Can't wait to see you guys with these babies on!  :)

Now, in-between projects I'm always coming back to my long term project - the VM sweater.
It's just one of those traditional Norwegian knits that takes time and patience.  It's turning out pretty good though, I have to say.

I just finished the mid section, and I'm now going to get started on the arms.

VM knitting gear and Cath Kidston knit-bag 

After finishing up the arms I'm going to take another break from this time consuming piece.... and that leaves me to do whatever I feel like.  Hmmmmmm....

I have another Marius sweater to make, and I have to admit I have a secret little project or two in the back of my mind as well.... but... I think I'll have to start with the Skappel jacket.

I can't decide on which yarn to go with!  I love the original Alpaca version, but I so want to try out other yarn as well. Think I might have to make several...

To be Continued...  ;)

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  1. OMG, did I mention HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS?! It looks amazing! (Well they both do!) Thank you sooo much again, sweetie, I cannot wait to hold this glorious nerd sweater in my arms!! :)

    1. You're so welcome! Any time sweetie! :) I can't wait to see it on you! *jumping-up-and-down-all-silly*