torsdag 11. juli 2013


At the Viking Festival you could find so many beautifully crafted items for sale it the little tents spread across the grounds.  Amazing bows, swords, clothing and leather goods - to mention a few.

Even though I'd love to take home something from every category, to be sure,  I ended up with something a bit smaller then a bow and arrow, even though I guess you could say it's related.

I stumbled into the jewellery section, of course, and totally fell in love with this bronze arrow head - so simple and timeless.  Perfect.

Two other little bronze fellahs came home with us as well.  One, being this classic style Norse animal brooch - so typical ornamentation for the intended time period.

...and this little guy.  I just melted when I saw this one.  Have you ever seen a cuter little dragon?  

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