fredag 19. juli 2013


Wonderful and packed days with BFF is visiting! 

We're having a blast, and it's just so fun  hanging out again after all this time!  We live far apart, being busy with our separate lives in separate cities.

What's always great, even though we might live far apart, we're always chatting along like we see each other every day even you haven't seen each other in ages.

Now, we're enjoying summer, making fruity drinks while babbling about fashion, hair and make-up - basically having a much needed "girly-long-weekend", and it's awesome.  :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. You two babes have fun! *Mwah* Loves ya both! :3

    1. We had a blast!
      Wish you had been here as well! *Smoooooch* We love you daaahling!

      Tons of soppy wet kisses from the two of us! ♥