søndag 4. august 2013


Yeesss, barefoot, by the lake!  That's me, waving my feet around in the air! I'm sure they're not all that interesting, but there you have it.

My husband took me to this beautiful lake where we decided to spend the day.

We had a nice steep cardio session getting up to the top of the mountain to where the lake is, and I for some reason started yawning... and yawning... I was yawning my way all the way to the top for some reason. Lack of oxygen perhaps? It was really weird.  I'm definitely out of shape.

As we got to the top, we sat down, drank some ice coffee, and took in the wonderful view - barefoot of course.  :)

My trusted VM sweater is turning in to quite the globe trotter, coming with me everywhere, so of course it came with me in my bag all the way up the mountain.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken utsikt du har!!!! Och fin mönster....

    1. Ja ikke sant? So pretty! :)
      Takk! Det er VM genseren, 2013 modellen, fra Dale. Love it :)