søndag 17. november 2013


Mine to små pusegull er nå blitt tre år gamle, og i den anledning tenkte jeg at det var på sin plass med noen bilder av nurkene fra når de var mindre.

//My two little babies have now turned three years old, and on that occasion I thought it would be a good idea to share some pictures of them both from when they were two little oh so adorable kittens!//

My first picture of Tifa - taken while visiting the lovely breeder, Louise, while still in Canada

Tifa - almost two months old, and just ridiculously adorable

First picture of Cloud - taken home at Louise's house

My adorable little rascal Cloud - right before he moved home with us - almost 2 months old

And here they are, my two fluffy furballs - now three years old

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