søndag 30. desember 2012

Moments - The Worlds Largest Gingerbread Town

I promised a picture update from the Gingerbread Town in Bergen, so here it is!  The quality of the shots aren't awesome this time around unfortunately, but fun to see even so.  :) 

Firstly, to visit the official web page of the Gingerbread town click here.  Some info about the sweet little town of Christmas cookies:

"Miniature houses, trains, cars and ships made from real gingerbread.

Schools and kindergartens contribute every year in making a miniature version of Bergen - all in gingerbread-cookies! This is one of the most breath-taking traditions we have got in Bergen. This is the World's biggest Gingerbread town

A "building" made of popcorn and meringue

A fortress by a frozen lake

Even Colosseum made it in this year!

Cute little trains everywhere

Bryggen in Bergen ♥

This was by far my favorite this year - I mean.... this whole thing is eatable! A stave church made out of cookies!

Cutest little helicopter

There were even mines this year

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The Sami and Santa seems to be getting along... must be a reindeer thing...


Last but not least, the Crossfit Center!  With a Crossfit Ninjah! :)

My nephew, about 2 years old, was ecstatic when visiting.  He immediately recognized the smell of the Gingerbread cookies, and went straight over to one of the houses and tried to gnaw off a corner of one of the buildings!  Ha ha ha, wish I had been there with the camera for that one!  :)

Have a good one!

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  1. It is so cool...! An awesome city made of cookies, the dream of every kid! :) I also would like to try eating a bit of a house or a boat eheheh kisses**

  2. Hahahaha, I'm sure you would! :)
    Just imagine, Julian chewing on a corner! Epic :P