søndag 20. januar 2013

Winners and Waffles!

So, I finally decided which sweater to go for!  And the winner iiiiis.... *drumroll*

Tadaaaaaaa! The VM 2013 sweater!  This one is going to keep me going for a long while I'm sure.

It was so nice popping by the yarn store yesterday.  I've never seen young women working in a yarn store - normally around here there are lovely ladies in their 50s - so when not just one, but two in their twenties came to help me out I was positively surprised to say the least.  They really knew what they were doing too. 
Funny, but it makes me happy to see more of my generation knitting!  :)

We made sour cream waffles yesterday like I mentioned, and they turned out really yummy!
They were not the regular  version, but low carb from a book by the blogger Cecilie Theiste-Bratli. Check out her blog; fristendelavkarbo.no "tempting low-carb".  You can find her book by the same name here
She's got several low carb recipes on her blog as well if you're curious.  :)

I added some more sweetener since I like my waffles sweet, but overall the original recipe was really good.  With homemade blueberry jam it was heaven!

Next time I'll be testing out protein waffles! :)

On a sidenote...
I've finished my last knitting project and will be posting pictures of it - as well as of the previous cap - soon!

Hope you guys are having a relaxing Sunday


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