onsdag 27. februar 2013

Muscle Restitution & Boycotted Knitting

Today has been an amazing day with just the most fantastic weather.  I really wish I was in the mountains with my other half right now, on an amazing skiing vacation, complaining of sore muscles!

Speaking of sore muscles, I can barely walk after the PT session yesterday! Ha ha :)  
It was about time to have those legs doing some serious work, and work they did.  Whoa! Yesterday was all about legs and back, and today is all about one thing: restitution

It's so important to make sure the muscles have time to get on their feet before the next heavy duty strength session.  Feed them proteins and small portions of healthy carbs and they will thank you for it by getting bigger and stronger.

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.  :)


I mentioned not long ago that I've finally changed focus over to muscle building instead of weight loss, and it's great.

Every morning now I start the day with home made warm oatmeal with sweetener and cinnamon, a big glass of chocolate protein shake and some coffee. Not really hard to be healthy when this is what needs eating, seriously.  It's really yummy, and so quick and easy to prepare!  It's almost like having a really tasty desert for breakfast.  Best meal of the day! :) 

Today I paired breakfast with a fitness magazine named Shape Up.  I have to say I was positively surprised!  I really have to say that this magazine seemed like it had more knowledgeable writers then other similar magazines I've read. The presentation and articles were professionally presented and interestingly written. 
As you can see, Tifa liked it too!  So all in all, wonderful magazine - apparently it tastes great as well...  ;)

My adorable little Tifa seems to be boycotting my knitting plans... Maybe she's hinting that it's time to pick up the pencil again?  ;)

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