mandag 29. april 2013


For some reason I always find it hard to come by good fitness motivation for women.

It somehow usually ends up being way too much "lady-bits", and not enough muscle - it kinda just ends up screaming "hoochie-mama" instead of "strong woman" if you know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong - I think it's wonderful that women are proud of their bodies!  All that hard work and dedication - of course it should be shown off - but it can be done with some dignity and self respect! :)

I get that sex sells and that guys love having women posing like a centerfold... but can't we get some tough women who is really working it to motivate us fellow women?  Having the target group being  the women, and not the men?
That's what I want to see more of - strong and empowered women who don't feel the need to loose all their clothing.

So far I've found Better Bodies to be a good source of motivation (and don't get me started on their amazing workout apparel ♥ Talk about love at first sight ♥) - I love their visual style, tough and gritty without "The Hulk" factor, and I find their style a bit different from the rest.  Check it out.

Here is one tough lady featured in the video above, which seems to be the No-Nonsense type - Pauline Nordin.  I'm crossing my fingers that she sticks to her image - love it!

"International top fitness model and television personality Pauline Nordin is literally ExerciseTV’s most butt-busting trainer.  "

"Nordin left Sweden to move to America.  She authored “The Fighter Diet” , an e-book which presented a gutsy FAT loss system that brought her fans and attention in the United States.  She began appearing in features and on the cover of American fitness magazines, which highlighted her tough but effective no-nonsense style."

"“You can diet all you want, but you will become a smaller version of your fat self. Training is the best thing you can do for your body,” is the advice frequently offered by Nordin.  Her dedication and style put her on the radar for ExerciseTV, part of NBCUniversal, which signed her up to be a trainer for the leading digital fitness network.


“When you have a pair of nice glutes you feel like you own the world.  Your butt is going to be toned, and sexy, and tight – not jiggly,” pledges the straight-talking Nordin."
- -

Alright, I'm off to the gym - it's squat time!   :)

Have a good one!

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