lørdag 6. april 2013


It's way too early in the morning, and the sun hadn't even started thinking about getting up yet.  I on the other hand, was rolling out of bed, very glad I had prepped everything the day before so that I was all ready to get out the door at 03:30 AM.

Off I go to The Airport Express train - which by the way is an amazing thing to have close by.  It so beats taking a cab, both in time and cost.

At the Airport Express Train - Fllytoget

Finally at Oslo Airport, I was waving my "controlled" lifestyle away for a week, and drank orange juice to my hearts content! Mmmmm, lovely.  Then I added a bit of shrimp sandwich with mayo (which cost more then a dinner at a restaurant I might add - insane prices at the airport...) and then it kinda snowballed from there, and it was lovely.  Let's call it a "food-cheat-week"!  :)

Enjoying Brekfast at Gardemoen

As I was ready for take-off, the sun finally came crawling up over the hills to say goodbye at around 06:30 in the morning.

Sunrise at Gardemoen

Hello again KLM

And off we go!  Bye bye Norway! See you later snow, California here we come!  Wohoo!  :) I've always loved flying!

Airborne over Norway

On the first flight I was enjoying tons of space on front row, stretching my legs and enjoying the view as I was snapping away with my camera.


Gotta love KLM

 And then in mid-air, I found this in my seat pocket - Holland Herald - you'll find one of these on every KLM  flight, and for the most part I don't find this magazine too interesting, but this cover caught my eye, and no wonder.

The cover is by Carl Hermès!  A little inspirational photography - what could be better?

Magazine cover by Carl Hermès

Inside was his beautiful collection that he did in collaboration with KLM called Sky High.  Here are some of my favorites:


Absolutely amazing. I have to say it was the most enjoyable Tax Free browsing in a magazine I've ever done. Love it.  :)

And guess what, my knitting needles of bamboo came with me without problems all the way, so here I am knitting my way half way around the globe...


♥ My favorite view; when you can see the curve of the earth and the ozone layer ♥

Passing over Greenland

Floating sheets of ice

Flying in over the north of Canada

The Rocky Mountains

...So tired.

And then finally, after the last thirteen hours in the air, it was time to land in San Francisco. I was tired and drained after not sleeping the entire trip.  I don't know why, but I just can't seem to sleep while flying.

After twenty hours in transit, it was finally time to say;  Hello there California!

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  1. Great photos! Have a nice time in California!
    Kisses, Justyna


    1. Thanks Justyna, California is awesome :)
      Very cute blog btw ;)


  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photographs !
    The world is so Big, and Beautiful...

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks Elicia! :)
      So glad you like the photos :) That's very nice to hear. I'll be posting some more soon.

      I know isn't it? I love love love to travel and see as much as I can - the best there is ♥


  3. Loving those tax free images....stunning


    1. I know, they're just absolutely gorgeous ♥ He really is such a talented photographer.