fredag 3. mai 2013


I'm sick and will crawl over to the sofa and stay there for the rest of the day I think, so I'm just popping by here real quick.
Tea, kitties and TV - that's on my agenda for today.  Really not feeling well, and on top of that we have the tooth.  Yeah... guess what's next in that department... Root canal coming up in the near future.  :(  Joy.

*Brrrr* I don't want to think about it!  Over to something more fun!  ;)

Something interesting happened this morning as I was having my breakfast. 

I started hearing these strange noises coming from the office.  I didn't think more of it, but then it started again, the sound of something mechanical.  As I got closer to the office I realized that it was the printer... but I was home alone, and nobody was using it...

Or so I thought!

Caught in Action!

These two little rascals had managed somehow to turn the printer on, and get it to print a test page!  Ha ha ha, that's a first!  Especially Tifa is quite the printer fan, so they sure were having a party in there.

Have a great Friday  :)

*kisses from Cloud & Tifa*

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  1. haha - at least they started with a simple test page, and not 40 full color pages of lolcats ;)