tirsdag 21. mai 2013


Aaaah, finally back home!

Cloud and Tifa were both very happy to have us back - Cloud needed non-stop cuddles all morning, and Tifa is seriously refusing to get off my lap! 

Poor thing, she meowed like crazy when I came back from the Gym earlier, totally panicking after being left home alone (her brother apparently doesn't count).

"What do you mean you have stuff to do?  I know you do - you need to pet me - now." - Tifa

Good to be back, even though it's raining like crazy and there are flood warnings going out...
Being in Bergen was good. 
I miss that place - it's just so cute and cozy.  The way the whole city is built feels so chaotic and random - you really need to look hard to find a flat surface or straight street - everything is crooked and bent in one way or another.

I'll go over the pictures tomorrow and share some shots from the parade, food, and all the good stuff.  :)

Alright, I need to get a move on!  Things that needs doin!

See you around!

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