torsdag 16. mai 2013


It was bright and early - or rather a murky dark shade of grey and rainy - the fog was hanging heavy over the forest beyond the airfield, just like the eyelids over my eyes. All I could do was wait.

Yeah, it's a pretty grey morning over here, and it came very early today - at 03:30 to be exact. That's pretty early.

I'm now sitting at the airport waiting the time to get a move on, preferably before I start falling asleep, and I figured I'd give the blogger app for the IPhone another go. 😊

I'm at a little airport named Torp, and this is the first time I've ever been here - it has to be the smallest airport I've ever seen!

As I write this I'm seeing crew and passengers walking out from our little waiting area, right outside to the little plane 15 meters away by a sliding door, an straight on to the plane... Like, right there! It's tiny! Kinda cute though.

Anyhow 😊
Hope you're having a Great Thursday! Mine is going to be one busy day.


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