fredag 31. mai 2013


You gotta love a good Sock Bun!  :)

I sure do.  It's an easy up-do that can be made to be made to look sleek and preppy, or messy and casual - you can basically use it for any occasion - love it.

Small, big, low on the neck, high up on the head, or another fun version; low on the side like beautiful Kate Beckinsale on the picture below.

Sock buns are getting increasingly popular, rising to the challenge both in fashion and with the celebs - how often haven't we seen these two ladies below with their hair up in a twist?  ;)

There are several techniques on making the perfect sock bun, and one thing is for sure - you'll need some tools!

You can either use the donut....

The Donut covered by fake hair....

Or you can go old school, and make a proper Sock Bun by creating your very own sock donut!

I have to admit that I'm a fan of the donut below on the left, though the sock idea is really neat.
I guess the best part about using the actual sock is that you can custom make the size to fit your exact needs!  Nifty right?  :)

There is one bad thing however when using this option, and that would be color matching for your hair... if you're blonde and use a black sock it might be very visible through the hair, depending on the thickness of your hair of course.

Want to have a closer look on how to get this bun on your own head?  Check out the video below where Wendy Nguyen is showing her technique.

Wendy has the most adorable fashion blog called Wendy's Lookbook by the way, absolutely worth checking out.  Link to her blog //HERE.

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