torsdag 2. mai 2013


Hey guys!  Having a good morning?  :)  Hope so.

Mine unfortunately has room for improvement as I'm suffering from the worst tooth ache. :(

Crossing all toes and fingers that the dentist will have an opening today.  I was basically on painkillers all yesterday, did not get to work out because whenever I got up in standing position it felt like my head was going to pop off.  Eating and drinking was a pain, and so on.  Darn teeth.

Putting a dampener on my breakfast today.  I love my breakfast - who would have thought, me that was the anti breakfast person only few years ago, it just didn't work - but today I'm almost dreading it a bit.  Ouch.

Hope it will all be back to normal soon.  If my head is still attached a bit later I'll see if I can get some more pictures up from California.  :)

Wish me luck!

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