mandag 22. april 2013


So!  I've come across something pretty cool!  I got introduced to this a few weeks ago, and thought I'd give it a go.  Totally worth checking out!  Good tip to all who work out - adds an extra layer of fun to it all.

FITOCRACY - for all of us who likes fitness, gadgets and fun!  

   ★ Featured in CNN, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Kotaku, The NY Observer, Men's Journal, Mashable, The Economist ★

Fitocracy is a free online game and social network that aims to use "gamification" to help users improve their fitness - having people work together, share experiences, compete and join in challenges - in other words; a lot of fun!

You can access it on your Iphone or Android by downloading a free app - this way you can track and save all your workouts while in the gym.

You can also save your routines so that they are much easier to access later.   I like to add on the go when and if I'm having any breaks during work out, and then I finish editing at home from their website.  Check it out here //Link.

It really is pretty fun when you're competing against friends as you get points for all your work outs, and you start leveling up and finishing challenges, or "become more awesome" as Fitocracy puts it.

You are rewarded for the hard work you put in. The longer and more often you workout, the more points you earn which in turn become rewards or badges.

Fitocracy connects you to the combined knowledge of over half a million of the world’s best fitness coaches, nutrition experts, and other folks from a wide variety of fitness backgrounds. Like the hundreds of thousands before you, you can finally turn, “I can’t do this,” into “I RULE!”

If you don’t track, how do you know if you’re improving? Track all your activities, whether that’s walking up the stairs, olympic lifting, or that dance party you had with your friends last night. Keep an eye on your progress and personal records with some nifty performance graphs.

Activities earn you points. Points lead to level ups. Earn badges for significant achievements. The community will reward your hard work with props. Groups are small communities where you can talk about the things that really matter to you.

Get competitive with friends. Take part in Challenges. Or, if you’re a Fitocracy Hero, you can even slap other fitocrats with a velvet glove for a one-on-one Duel. Get 10 friends to sign up using your invite link, and a month of Hero is yours for the taking! Also, robots are awesome and we have one. He’s called FRED.


"While on a treadmill, put one foot in front of another. Repeat. Note: Treadmill should be turned on."

Check it out, and let's see if you can beat me!  Muahaha!  :)

My user name is MarianneKC - I'll be waiting!

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